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“Maximize” your Las Vegas Club Time!

Zach Peterson, Industry Pro!Posted February 27, 2023 by Scott (Topless Las Vegas)

Recently TVO posted an ‘expose’ on the shady side of the promoters that nightly ‘flood the zone’ on the strip trying to steer guys to the strip clubs off Las Vegas Blvd. The article, called “What the Hell is a Strip Club Promoter?”, is linked here.

We didn’t castigate the entire scene, just a few bad apple types of promoters with a few really bad habits. The world always tells us, “Don’t bring me just problems … bring me some solutions.”

Maximize LV is a Hell of a Solution!

Let’s be clear, a Bachelor Party is not an inexpensive evening. Four figures spending for a party are easily a standard tab; five figure evenings are not uncommon. A handful of guys out on the town is an emotional investment, as well as a high-ticket event. It’s fraught with risks. The host has limited information, limited experience, a volatile group of stakeholders … and he is facing an entire city built upon the premise that our job here in Nevada is to separate out of towners from their cash. Trust me, it’s in our mission statement; check it out!

Industry veteran, Zach Peterson, recently launched a firm that takes out the risks and gaps in the game of matching clubs up with customers. His “Club Crawl” is designed to take the stress and risk out of planning and booking your evening of partying.

The idea behind the Maximize LV Club Crawl is to expose the party goers to more of the clubs within the city. Most travelers have heard of the bigger clubs like Sapphire, Crazy Horse III, Treasures or Spearmint Rhino, but they don’t know the smaller, specialized clubs that offer gaming, full nude or lower prices. Maximize LV is designed for groups an idea of the experience they’d like, know their budget, and want to know how to feel good about the money they’re spending.

Maximize LV is a custom experience.

Essentially, they operate two types of consultations and fulfillment:

Option A – Zach sets up a consultation with the party leader. A date is established, a budget is outlined, the party desires are envisioned. When that is done you get a list of clubs that best cater to what you’re looking for. Zach then offers to handle pickup & drop off, a chauffeur for the crawl, they coordinate with venues for special services, bottle service, occasion signage, announcements, etc. Maximize LV acts as the group’s guide, including accompanying on the ride to ensure every part of the crawl is up to the standards they’ve paid for! Option B – Zach provides a consultation including all of the party needs and budget. The customer pays Maximize to set it all up everything …bookings, reservations and transportation. On the night of the party the client group simply follows the details of their package to get rides from each club and they check in for their reservations at the clubs.

Zach Peterson, Industry Pro!

Zach has managed adult clubs, night club, worked directly with promoters and transportation vendors for years in Las Vegas. He set this service up because he had personal experience dealing with the fallout from the existing promoter industry that operates in Las Vegas.

In 2022 Zach got tired of thinking to himself, “There has to be a better way to do this!”

He started a business so that fewer guys end up in cold, empty parking lot .. penniless, drunk and bitter! Enjoy a wild night in Las Vegas with Maximize LV.

Maximize LV can be reached by text at (702) 904-3285, or their website is

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