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What the Hell is a Strip Club Promoter?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Special thanks to Scott Waller for his writing and expertise.

Las Vegas strip club promoters are typically well-dressed individuals who will approach pedestrians making their way around the casinos. They aren’t employees of any one club but rather independent contractors who receive payment (kickbacks) from every paying guest their able to get through the door.

The strip clubs use these independent contractors to generate new business, mainly from out-of-towners. The clubs offer “complimentary” limo rides to their front door from the strip. The promoter is thinking about two things they secure a group that’s ready to go:

1. Which club pays promoters the most money per person

2. Which club’s company vehicle can pick up the group the fastest.

There is also another kind of strip club promoter, one who doesn’t work the strip as such but rather moonlights as a promoter, those would be your casino doormen and taxi, Uber & Lyft drivers.

Clubs pay them the same as they pay street promoters for bringing guests to their establishment, meaning if you do not drive yourself and you did not arrange a pickup directly from the club your cost of admission will be substantially greater because part your admission goes right back into the pocket of whomever is responsible for getting you there.

A Consumer’s Upside in Working with a Strip Club Promoter

1. If you’re not local and unable to visit a strip club right then and there you can obtain a contact who is able to provide you a reservation for a later date/time.

2. Depending on the club and the promoter there is a chance you’ll be able to get in at a discounted rate or certain people within your group free admission (I.E. women, birthday boy or bachelor)

3.Your cost of admission will usually come with a pair of drink tickets (depending on the club)

A Consumer’s Downside in Dealing with a Strip Club Promoter

- They lie, often. The vast majority of promoters see prospective club clientele as nothing more than a number, that number on average is $30 per guy and $10 per female. If they offer to make any type of deal on your behalf, it’s either

- Because it’s coming out of the money the club will pay them for you visiting their establishment

- They’re lying to you to get you to the club and hoping when the cashiers tell you the real price, you’ll just pay it since you’re there already.

Many promoters will also assure you and your group that you are guaranteed a ride to and from the club. No club guarantees return rides for guests, particularly guests who don’t spend quite a bit of money at their establishment. Promoters will often say not to worry about the dress code (you should always worry about the dress code). The list can go on and on but I believe this paints a vivid enough picture

The promoter cannot negotiate a better price for you than the club itself can. If you know of a club or clubs that you’d want to check out it’d always be wiser to call the club directly, speak with a cashier or front of house manager, explain to them your group situation (how many in the party, guy to girl ratio, is it a special event) and see what the club would be willing to do for you. Additionally, the same limos promoters are using to get you to the club are limos that belong to the club so the club is always willing and able to schedule you a reservation and a pickup (it’s actually preferred because then there is no promoter the club would be obligated to provide a kickback for).

Promoters are only promoting for clubs that offer transportation. There are 22 strip clubs open on any given day in Las Vegas, some with very unique niche’s such as offering gaming, full nudity & alcohol, or showing sporting events but many do not offer their own transportation (otherwise referred to as house rides), however, the chances you’d have quite an enjoyable time at one of the many clubs you’d simply have to drive yourself or uber to are great!

- Your cost at the door of any strip club is higher if a promoter, taxi driver or rideshare is responsible for getting you there.

- The last factor of consideration is the club itself and your convenience. A lot of clubs are open between the hours of 8pm-4am. Depending on whether a convention is in town, a ball game, holidays or just the capacity of the club at any given time are all factors in their operating hours varying. Additionally, many of the clubs’ websites and social media accounts aren’t regularly monitored and oftentimes have terrible response times. If you’re looking to book a reservation for an event such as a bachelor party, grad party, high school reunion, company retreat …. and you want to plan ahead it can be very difficult. Winging it can lead to disastrous results. Tons of your money gets spent, and the experience was lousy.

Beware of These Club Promoter Traps

- A promoter can promise you and your group the world…. “Free Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label Champagne …. sure”

“Free VIP Experience … absolutely”

“Free steak dinner …. of course”

The problem starts when you arrive and tell the club that’s what the promoter promised. The club says to you, “no way.” Simple situation, the street promoter lied. They’ll say anything to get you into the limo. Once the limo drops you off, and the deal is not as sweet as the promoter told you, your choice is to go in with less benefits, or refuse to enter. If you refuse to enter, the club and the limo have no obligation to take you back to the Strip. You are stranded and on the hook for a taxi or ride share charge. You also feel like an asshole if you are in charge of the party. Trust me, this happens often.

Another risk is when a group of guys receive a complimentary ride to the club. One member of the group becomes too intoxicated and throwing up. His vomiting causes them to be kicked out of the club. The party demands their ride back. Due to the friend’s condition, and the risk of him continuing to vomit (or worse), the complimentary ride back to the strip is forfeited. Again, you are “shit out of luck,” as we say in Nevada.

One of the worst tactics is the Promoter ONLY clubs. If you drive yourself to a strip club you will pay a lower cost of admission because there are no payouts for the club to provide promoters with, which is great for you! Unfortunately, some of the clubs have modified their stance on “drive ups” in order to ensure better security at the club. The thinking is that if they’ve driven themselves the patrons will have easier access to weapons. These clubs, like Sophia’s on busy nights, simply deny the guest from coming in. The loophole? Park on the strip and have a promoter call you a limo.

Book a Las Vegas Strip Club Directly

That’s where Zachary Peterson’s MaximizeLV can make a big difference. MaximizeLV is a locally owned and managed service that provides secure, professional and club welcomed party arrangements from anywhere in Las Vegas to the best clubs in town. Avoid the risks of the high fee street promoters by using MaximizeLV.

You can call (702) 904-3285 , text (702) 449-3186 or contact us online at Maximize LV – The Authority on Las Vegas Strip Clubs. Someone will be in touch shortly after to get all the details, provide you with a list of clubs and options and from there book it for you!

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