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Your Las Vegas Strip Club Experience - Part 1 (Admission)

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

When it comes to strip clubs, what someone pays to get it in will always vary. The club has to make money, obviously, and the first expense a guest will encounter is admission. What you probably didn’t know is that others are out to make money off of a guest's admission as well.

Taxi’s & Ride Share:

If you take a cab or have a Lyft/Uber drop you off at a strip club part of the cost of your admission is a “kickback” for the driver responsible for bringing you. So if you pay $50 to get in 20-75% (percentage varies on each club) goes right back to the driver to incentivize them to bring more people.


You may have seen strip club advertisements that tell you to call a specific number for a free limo to & from their business, this is referred to as a house ride. If you take it upon yourself to call the number & schedule the ride you’ll pay less than what you’d pay if you took a cab or rideshare. That is because there is no kickback to the driver (although you are strongly encouraged to tip your limo driver because they’re probably working for minimum wage + tips). Additionally, you & your group will each receive a free drink or two (usually).

Promoters who hook you up with a ride:

If you happen to interact with one of the countless promoters who are working the Las Vegas Strip and they offer you a limo ride to whichever club they’re promoting this works slightly different from a standard house ride. Promoters are paid out just like taxis & rideshare based on the people they’re responsible for getting to the club that pays to get in. What I mean by that is they have a little wiggle room which you’re able to utilize to your advantage. Let’s say you’re a group of 4, 2 men & 2 women.

The promoter may make $20 off of each person so your group is looking like a quick $80 in the promoter's pocket if he can convince you to hop in the limo and pay to get into the club. But you’re the head of the group and you guys are on the fence about spending the remainder of your evening in a strip club. Well tell the promoter you guys are happy to go and check out the club, but there’s no reason the women in your group should have to pay admission. The promoter will 99% of the time agree with you, text his team lead at the club that he needs a driver for a group of 4 with 2 comps at whatever hotel he engaged you guys at and boom! You made a deal that works out in your favor rather than the club/promoters. Each paying member of your group will usually receive a free drink ticket (or two) also.


The most black & white transaction there is. You drove your car to the club and now you want to pay to get inside. You’ll rarely get a drink ticket (unless it's slow or a weekday) with the cost of your admission but your charge to get in all goes to the club with no outside payout.

The general range of admission for Las Vegas strip clubs:


Walk up - $50/ea no drink tickets

Taxi & Rideshare - $50/ea no drink tickets

Houseride - $40/ea with drink tickets

From Promoter - $40/ea with drink tickets (option to get some people in free)

The Doorman:

A little club hack to factor in should always be the man you meet at the door. If you’re a local, or an out-of-towner who had his best strip club experience (ever) at this one club you visited it’s best to make yourself known to the doorman. Introduce yourself, swap contact info, inform him you intend to return & leave him with a fat tip. Why? Because the next time you plan to show up you now have an “in” at the club. Text him you’re on your way, slip him an X amount of dollars upon arrival, bypass the lines, and the cashiers, get walked in and seated, and receive treatment worthy of a VIP.

We will be adding more posts about the Las Vegas Strip Club Experience to give you up-to-date tips and hacks, thanks for reading.

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